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Pole Dance Classes

Maybe you joined us for a raunchy pole party and now you would like to train. Or maybe you just always wanted to learn how to pole dance. Your reason doesn't matter to us. Join us for ongoing pole classes. FYI we pole all year round so get ready to step into the pole world and meet some dope-ass women. 


Pole Parties 

Let the fun begin with a different kind of celebration! Celebrate your birthday, bachelorette party, girls' night out, or even a divorce party. No matter what your celebration is we're here to give you a different kind of fun! 


Private Lessons

Maybe a class setting isn't for you, cause you ain't no regular... Welcome to privates! In a private session learn the skills you want to learn on your own time and enjoy one-to-one learning experience. Privates can be booked for pole, twerk, chair, or heels dance classes. 


Chair Dance Class

Occasionally we whip out the metal chairs and do some bumping and grinding. Or maybe we'll pop up in Freeport to bring some GOP spirit to the island. Chair dance is the easiest way to feel super sexy, and the plus side is that you can do a chair performance anytime, anywhere! 


Heels Dance Class

Take out your stilettos and find the sexiest outfit you've got it's time for Heels Dance Class. In this class, you'll learn how to walk in heels, simple dance moves that will strengthen your legs and core and get you moving in such a sensual way. After learning foundational movement you'll be learning dance routines in no time.


Twerk Classes

Because shaking ass is a skill we all need, it's time to twerk. In this class, you will learn how to control your waistline, move your ass cheeks, throw your ass up, down, and around and around... Once you learn how to twerk life will never be the same.


Date Night

This ain't no regular date bay-bee! Here's the deal, you book an instructor to will teach a dance routine to whatever song you'd like, you book out the entire studio and we decorate with candles, rose pedals, food, champagne, gifts, the whole nine yards! Then you dance for your special person.  


Boudoir Photography

Our most cherished feature of the studio is Boudoir. Select your lingerie, your shoes, jewelry, accessories, and baby oil, and get ready for an experience you will never forget. You'll walk away with tons of gorgeous images when our instructors teach you posing for your body type and direct the set of your shoot. 

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