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Get ready to unleash your inner pole dance superstar at our vibrant pole dance studio located at 72 Dowdeswell Street! Join our small, intimate classes led by fun and knowledgable Pole Instructors, dive into the world of pole dance routines, dazzling spins, jaw-dropping tricks, and spicy floor work. Whether you're aiming to build muscles, ooze confidence, explore your sexy side, or live out your fantasy of being a goddess on the pole, we've got you covered! Swing by anytime to start your pole dance adventure - classes are open year-round and signing up is a breeze. Let's turn up the music, shake off the ordinary, and dance our way to fabulousness together! 


Step into a whole new realm of dance excitement with our Heels Dance Class! Get ready to strut with confidence as you master the art of walking effortlessly in stilettos. Unleash your inner goddess with sensual movements that ignite your femininity and unleash your power. This isn't just a dance class, it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Plus, it's so much fun, you'll have your Apple Watch begging for mercy as you burn through calories with every sassy step. Join us and let the heel-clad adventure begin!



Ready to let loose, have a blast, and unleash your inner dancing diva? It's time to dive into the world of twerking! Whether you're a newbie looking to learn some killer moves, or you're already a twerk queen ready to perfect your technique, our Twerk Sessions are just what you need. From booty pops to circling it back, left cheek, right cheek, and everything in between, we've got you covered! No matter your skill level - even if you've got two left feet or can't quite catch the rhythm - we're here to help you shine. There's absolutely no judgment here, just good vibes and booty-shaking fun. So throw on your favorite booty shorts, grab a tee, lace up your kicks, and get ready to twerk it out like never before!

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