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Learn Pole dance routines, pole spins, tricks and sizzling floor work! Our students enjoy small intimate classes in a supportive environment lead by certified Pole Instructors. Whether you're learning pole for strength training, to be sexy, gain confidence or just fulfill your inner fantasies of being an exotic dancer who could move like a goddess. Present yourself at 72 Dowdeswell Street and begin your pole dance classes at anytime. Classes run year round and you are welcome to sign up at anytime! 


Welcome to a new world of dance... Heels, if you're interested in learning how to walk effortlessly in stilettos then say hello to our heels dance class. Learn sensual movement that will ignite your feminity and bring out the powerful side of you. This is a fun style of dance that would have your apple watch burning through calories, easily. Take a heels dance class with us and let your new dance journey begin. 



Maybe you just want to have fun, learn how to actually dance, booty pop, throw it back in a circle, left cheek right cheek and round of applause! We're here for you! Sign up for a Twerk Session and let the twerk master lead you to twerk land. We've taught them all, the two left feet, the no beat I can't feel the rhythm, the I just can't dance girls... We know! No judgment here, grab those booty shorts, T-shirt and a pair of kicks and let the twerking begin

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